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Decorative Stone

At Cabinteely Patio Centre, we have a huge range of decorative stone on offer, perfect for adding that finishing touch. We supply decorative stone in all quantities and delivery can be arranged.

We supply:












And much more...

Decorative stone is the perfect alternative to bark, mulch or even concrete. The main reason people choose to add decorative stone is aesthetics; add a touch of style, maybe a splash of colour. Certain types of stone can even help to accentuate a feature piece. Another popular reason to use decorative stone is to help assist with drainage. This can be used in flower beds, pots etc. Stone can also help to keep the weeds away. When used in combination with our weed matting, you can enjoy a stress free low maintenance garden.

To get a quotation on any of our decorative stone, simply call us today on 01 2350714
Our expert team are on hand to offer advice on which stone might best suit your particular project.

Decorative Stone Gallery

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Cabinteely Patio Centre Decorative Stone

For more information on the practical and aesthetic elements of decorative stone, read our The multiple uses of decorative stone blog post. 

Decorative Stone FAQ

I need decorative stone near me. What is your catchment area?

Our extensive range of decorative stones are available to clients all over the greater Dublin area. To organise a stone delivery please get in contact with our reception desk on 01 2350714.

How do I choose the right decorative stone?

With the sheer variety of decorative stone options, it can be a little intimidating when selecting the right stone for your home or garden.

The first step in selecting the right stone is to think about function first. Are you planning on creating a path with decorative stone or are you replacing the mulch around plants with stone? Once you have a firm grasp of what you’ll be using the stone for, you’ll be that much closer to selecting the right type.

The style of your home will also influence the type of decorative stone you require. In short, have an idea of what you need the stone for and understand the outside aesthetic of your home. Once you know this our experts can recommend the right type of stone to complement your property.


Can decorative stone be placed over soil?

Yes, decorative stone is often used to replace mulch around plants. This gives a flower bed a cleaner aesthetic, protects plant roots and prevents weed growth, therefore decorative stone is not only an aesthetic choice but also an effective method of protecting plant health.

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