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The Advantages of Paving Your Garden

It’s a question we are faced with on an almost daily basis "Should I lay paving in my garden?"

After being asked so many times you’d be forgiven for assuming we have a straight answer but unfortunately, we really don't.

The advantages of paving a garden are numerous, but so too are the advantages of owning a plant-rich and grass-covered back or front garden.

The question we feel homeowners should be asking is: "Is a paved garden right for my property."

Some gardens – and it has to be said, most Dublin gardens – look great with elegantly placed paving slabs or bricks. While some gardens may be better off with grass and plants.

We realise that we have likely made a homeowner even more confused about whether grass or paving is right for their property.

Sorry about that. But in the interest of actually helping you decide between grass and paving, we’ve compiled a list – in no particular order – of the advantages of a paved garden.

Paving is Easy to Customise

Unlike a grass garden, a paved garden is much easier to customise and organise. Homeowners have complete control over the colour of the paving, the paving pattern and the type of paving used. The unparalleled versatility of paving means even the most eclectic taste can design something to suit their property's exterior aesthetic.

Paving is Long-Lasting

Modern paving, like the paving supplied by Cabinteely Patio Centre, when maintained, can potentially last for over 2 decades.

If installed by a professional team and annually cleaned and weeded, clients should consider a paved garden a permanent garden solution.

The Low Maintenance Requirements of Paving

Unlike a planted or grass garden, the maintenance requirements of a paved garden are extremely low.

Other than an annual power wash and semi-regular weeding a paved garden lets homeowners enjoy a tidy garden without having to work for it.

Paving is Easy to Repair

As a paved garden consists of many small parts, damage repair is extremely straight-forward. At a minimum cost, broken, cracked or otherwise damaged bricks or slabs can be removed and replaced quickly and efficiently.

We hope the above has helped you make up your mind. But if you need some more information, please get in contact with Cabinteely Patio Centre today or view our patio and paving page to see our huge collection of paving stones.


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