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The multiple uses of decorative stone

Decorative stone remains extremely popular in Irish gardens. And it’s a little wonder to see why. Stone is a simple expensive method of adding a little extra colour and variety to a garden.

All types of flowers thrive when surrounded by tastefully selected decorative stone. Decorative stone also imposes order on a garden drawing together the various different plants and green area.

For the inventive horticulturist, decorative stone offers an almost unlimited about of possibilities for inventive garden design.

At the Cabinteely Patio Centre, we are always increasing our range of decorative stone, allowing us to offer an ever-increasing and ever-evolving range of stone options.

Today we are going to discuss the multifaceted uses of decorative stone.

Stove is the perfect decorative Garden Element

Decorative stone adds to the overall aesthetic of a garden. Thanks to its natural weather resistance and abundance of available colours; stone has been used as an elegant garden accessory for generations.

No matter the type of garden, you’ll likely be able to find just the right type of stone to add a sense of timeless elegance to your garden.

Need some inspiration? Our sandstone and cobble decorative stone varieties are particularly popular in Dublin.

Improved Drainage

As every Dublin gardener knows, the unpredictable Irish weather can cause serious damage to a garden. This damage is more often than not caused by flooding.

Decorative stone is a natural flood aid, helping to channel excess water away from a property’s foundation.

Looking for inspiration: we supply chippings and gravel in various different sizes and colours. Chippings and gravel are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing flood prevention aid.

Weed Control

We often suggest decorative stone as an alternative to bark mulch.

When placed over landscaping fabric, the decorative stone helps prevent weeds.

Need inspiration? Our slate chips look great in flowerbeds and are extremely effective in preventing the growth of weeds.

For more information on our available stone, visit our decorative stone page. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us directly.


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